Compliance of Crew Legalities & checks using FlyPal CRS

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July 12, 2018
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July 31, 2018

What is Crew Legality?

Crew Legality is the set of rules imposed by civil aviation organizations to avoid any fatigue related incidents. These rules are revised time-to-time to keep them relevant at all times.

Crew Rostering systems are primarily designed to manage crew legalities, and help crew planners to plan the flight crews while keeping all crew legalities in check.

FlyPal-CRS : Flight Crew Rostering System

  • Can be Configured as per any Civil Aviation (DGCA , FAA , GCAA etc ) requirements
  • Checks Crew availability to allocate eligible crew based on the various legalities and recency.
  • Tracking of crew ‘s initial / recurrent Trainings, Authorization , Licenses & Documents.
  • Dashboards for Roster, Aircrafts , Trainings to give a consolidated view.
  • Configurable email alerts for individual crew and managers.
  • Multiple Document attachment (Dirty finger) for Flight schedule, Training etc for quick reference.

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