Digital Inclusiveness in General Aviation

Leapfrogging or Tiger Leap?
October 20, 2021

Recently Govt of India completed its eight years & there were a lot of articles written in the media as regards its performance. I am not trying to comment on evaluation or performance, but one noticeable aspect accepted by all commentators was how technology was used as an enabler to reach out to a large population. This means technology, platforms, apps & tools have leveraging power to increase the “inclusiveness” to improve the quality and save on time.

Companies and various governments are encouraging their people to use technology for achieving paperless culture as the adoption (inclusion) better it is for “sustainability”. I had a very encouraging requirement from an international customer who would be interested to have a paperless cockpit and thus wish to have an electronic tech log built for them. While some airlines have adopted to this but its yet to arrive in general aviation. It’s a welcome opportunity as I see it from a changed perspective but are the GA operators prepared for this? Can we increase the size of the “digital inclusiveness” circle for GA operators? Today small vendor is using QR codes to enhance its sale and has come out of their earlier inhibition of using these applications and have realized the benefits of such usage. We launched the FlyPal-Premium program precisely to increase efficiency, effectivity and transparency of aircraft maintenance data management, inventory management, reliability analysis, and financial analytics for operators having small fleets starting from single to large fleets to bring in a process approach to workflow management rather than dependency on individual spreadsheets. This cloud-based application brings in other benefits such as -No IT infrastructure requirement, data security & confidentiality, ease of process integrity & performance monitoring.

The owner/operators /leasing companies across the world understand the importance of records to preserve the value of aircraft and thus use systems/applications to do asset management. OEMs also wish to have feedback on the performance of their products and will be in a better position to carry out reliability analysis if there is a data exchange. Internal or external auditor’s work also gets simplified if all activities of the aviation department are supported with a solution, wherein loss of time is avoided in the quest for an answer. If one weighs the cost-benefit analysis in long run, it certainly benefits. FlyPal our subscription-based program aims to bring in all those operators in the ambit of “digital inclusiveness” with the most cost-effective solutions for CAMO Engineering, MRO engineering, QA/SMS & FDTL management so that companies can derive all those benefits.

Be a part of change for sustainability!

By Nitin Deshpande

VP Business Development & Customer Success

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