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Aircraft Asset Management

To remain compliant with requirements of Continued Airworthiness as defined in regulations, aircraft &its associated components need to undergo maintenance at regular intervals in terms of calendar life, hours & landing cycles. EASA Part M or CAR Part M lays down the requirement for CAMO of the operator and EASA Part 145 lays down the requirement for MRO’s as regard to maintenance of aircraft, engines & components which can be undertaken during line or base maintenance.

BytzSoft has bouquet of FlyPal applications for CAMO Engineering, MRO & SMS as applicable.


This subscription-based service covers following essential elements as related to CAMO.

  • Aircraft Maintenance planning & engineering management
  • Aircraft Record Management

This subscription-based service covers following essential elements-

  • Vendor Management
  • RFQ management

In Order to achieve its production objectives, the management of any aviation organization requires managing many business processes. Safety is one such business process. Safety management is a core business function just as financial management, HR management, etc. The safety management system is a systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures.

It’s ironical that Airline Crew are one of the most important assets as well as the biggest expenditure for Airline operations. Cockpit & cabin crew are an important driver of airline profitability and generally account for 60% of total headcount. Crew related budgets are second only to fuel costs, typically 15% – 20% of an airline’s finances. With such a huge sum being expended on crew, even small enhancements can result in significant savings.

This subscription-based service covers following essential elements as related to CAMO and much more

  • Preparation of Audit Calendar
  • Audit Planning & Scheduling  

While changing IT platforms used for tracking Aircraft Maintenance records, it’s really important to ensure if technical data (like Hard Time components, Inspection Schedules, Task Cards, SB + AD records, MPD) which is to be migrated is correct, to help migrate data without much hassles. Most Airlines and Aviation organizations have limited human resources to do this migration task and can take several days to go live. That’s Where BytzSoft’s Data Migration service come in handy.

  • Invoicing
  • Bank and credit card syncing 

One of the key requirements of SMS is training of the employees and its very important that training records and its recurrency for pilots/crew as well as engineering personnel is managed to highest standards.

FlyPal- TMS subscription covers following elements-

  • Employee data with skill.
  • Employee data base with educational & professional qualifications 

This subscription-based service covers following:

  • Contracts Repository
  • Contract alert for expiry