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MEL / Deferred Components Management with FlyPal

Minimum equipment list, or MEL, is a categorized list of on-board systems, instruments and equipment that may be inoperative for flight. Specific procedures..

Compliance of Crew Legalities & checks using FlyPal CRS

Crew Legality is the set of rules imposed by civil aviation organizations to avoid any fatigue related incidents. These rules are revised time-to-time to keep them..

Rotable Asset Tracking using FlyPal

Rotable inventory is defined as an inventory that can be economically restored to a serviceable condition and, in the normal course of operations can be repeatedly..

Aircraft Maintenance Forecasting with FlyPal

The most important function of any Aviation Maintenance Software is to accurately predict the maintenance (MPD , TBO , SLL , AD , SB etc) falling due on the aircraft/fleet..

Production Planning with FlyPal

Production Planning & Control is an important function for Airlines (with own maintenance facilities) as well as independent pure play MRO’s. There are number of..

Investing In Augmented Reality for Aviation Companies

Augmented reality (AR) has been steadily gaining traction within the MRO industry for everything from technician training and remote collaboration to previewing..

Aircraft Reliability Programme from FlyPal

The Aircraft reliability programme is a combination of statistical monitoring and recording of the events associated with the airworthiness of an aircraft. The results..

Aircraft Ground De/Anti-Icing

Aircraft Ground De/Anti Icing procedures serve three purposes: removal of any frozen or semi frozen moisture from critical external surfaces of an aircraft on the ground..

Myway Airlines to use FlyPal for Boeing 737-800 operations

India, Pune; 13th Dec 2017 – BytzSoft today announced that Myway Airlines Co Ltd – Georgia (promoted by Hauling Group-China) has chosen FlyPal for Its Aircraft Mainten..

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