July 28, 2022

Digital Inclusiveness in General Aviation

November 20, 2018

Aviation / Airline Audit Software | FlyPal

Aviation Audits ( Internal and external) are undertaken to ensure airlines follow certain standard as prescribed by the civil aviation authorities. In an aviation audit, the auditor(s) checks routine processes in an airline from the Quality Assurance point of view for safe and reliable operations. Audits are further broken down into small tasks/checklist. An Audit task may have finding(s) which means there is a possible problem or a gap which needs to be rectified based on its severity. Audit also helps to document the preventive actions thus ensures these gaps / issues don’t arise again. FlyPal Quality Assurance module can be used to Plan & Manage Internal as well as external audit for airlines. Audits tasks are identified by a unique code and are grouped together. All concern members can be informed about the audit by emails.
July 31, 2018

MEL / Deferred Components Management with FlyPal

Minimum equipment list, or MEL, is a categorized list of on-board systems, instruments and equipment that may be inoperative for flight. Specific procedures or conditions may be associated with operation of the relevant item. It is considered by default that any equipment or system related to airworthiness which is not included in the MEL is required to be operative. The MEL is defined for each aircraft based on MMEL provided by Aircraft Manufacturer. FlyPal ( Aviation Maintenance Software ) offers comprehensive work flow to manage MEL’s. This includes below stages
July 12, 2018

Rotable Asset Tracking using FlyPal

Rotable inventory is defined as an inventory that can be economically restored to a serviceable condition and, in the normal course of operations, can be repeatedly rehabilitated to a fully serviceable condition over a period approximating the life of the flight equipment to which it is related. Of course, there are scrap rates as with all inventory, however, with Rotable inventory the scrap rate is assumed to be very low, perhaps only a few percentage points or even a fraction of a point
June 29, 2018

Aircraft Maintenance Forecasting with FlyPal

Aircraft Maintenance Forecasting with FlyPal The most important function of any Aviation Maintenance Software is to accurately predict the maintenance (MPD , TBO , SLL , AD , SB etc) falling due on the aircraft/fleet in upcoming hours/days/months/cycles, so that the engineering teams can plan the maintenance downtime as per the slots available. FlyPal has unique reporting and email alert system which helps Engineering and Planning department to plan maintenance efficiently.
June 18, 2018

Production Planning with FlyPal

Production Planning & Control is an important function for Airlines (with own maintenance facilities) as well as independent pure play MRO’s. There are number of opportunities exist within the Production Control business area to deliver cost savings. The real challenge is to identify the efficient business processes that can be used to gather data, analyse and measure the opportunities and finally to act upon them to improve the turnaround time (TAT) There is a continuous effort from Airlines & Aviation MRO’s (Part 145 ) to improve their operational effectiveness and reduce costs in a bid to stay ahead of the competition.
March 6, 2018

Aircraft Reliability Programme from FlyPal

The Aircraft reliability programme is a combination of statistical monitoring and recording of the events associated with the airworthiness of an aircraft. The results obtained by monitoring reliability in operation may serve as a basis for supplementing or modifying the aircraft maintenance programme; such changes would indicate the malfunction of components or systems manifesting lacks and the need for early control, or replacement during utilization. In the aviation industry maintenance is considered, the key parameter for successful airlines. Noteworthy efforts needed to achieve maximum aircraft utilization with a safety level as high as possible and with minimal operative and ecological costs. To achieve increased profitability, airline needs to monitor the reliability of an aircraft, its components and systems.
April 3, 2017

Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Software : Ready to use OR Tailored Solution?

Maintenance tracking is an important function for any Airline, Aircraft Operator or Aircraft Owner. Poorly maintained aircrafts can cause safety and compliance related issues. Maintenance tracking was previously done using maintenance log books. Even today one would need to keep hard copies. Yet, with the power of IT, you can get so much more valuable information in a very short span of time from an automated system. That is why more airlines, operators and MRO’s are using computerized maintenance management applications.
March 15, 2017

5 ways an Aviation Maintenance Director can run the show smoothly

Major responsibility of a Maintenance Director/Head, is to manage fleet maintenance, for keeping them Airworthy. They need to oversee everything from managing business partnerships to making sure all maintenance activities are complied within timeline.They also need to ensure, highest standards in carrying out maintenance activities, to maintain safety & quality.So how can a maintenance Director save on costs in this expensive & fast-paced aviation industry. Thankfully, innovations are taking place rapidly in aviation industry and now one can leverage best in people & technology to achieve goal of safety & quality, making aviation businesses more profitable.
February 20, 2017

Aman Aviation & Aerospace Solutions (A3S) chooses FlyPal® Component MRO Module

BytzSoft, announced today that Aman Aviation & Aerospace Solutions (A3S) has chosen BytzSoft’s Web based component MRO Solution - FlyPal® Component MRO. BytzSoft’s software and services improve efficiencies and enhance competitiveness for customers, which includes airlines, aircraft operators and MROs. In selecting FlyPal® Component MRO Solution, A3S is beginning its use of latest technology replacing legacy standalone system to manage key MRO records, data analytics driven tools to make more informed decisions, reduce turnaround times and adhere to requirements from civil authorities.

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