Leapfrogging or Tiger Leap

I had an occasion of being present for a launch of the book titled “Leapfrogging to pole vaulting” authored by eminent scientist Shri Raghunath Mashelkar & Shri Ravi Pandit- Chairman KPIT Technologies. This book has philosophical as well as scientific thought processes built on to use the various levers to overcome the problem of sustainability. One of the important levers as mentioned in the book was “Technology”. We all are witness to the use of ‘digital technology not only as a response to challenges faced but how this can be used profitably too in the pandemic.

We have seen many unicorn companies leveraging technology to enhance their valuation and have propelled themselves high just as an athlete does it in the pole vault. We are the fastest growing civil aviation market in the country and we will witness tremendous growth in all activities of aviation- be it Flying Training Organization or MRO industry or Charter operators or airline industry or manufacturing industry.

Many large companies or companies with deep pockets will infuse technology to drive the growth and establish the processes. It’s the FTO or small charter-based companies, General Aviation MRO’s, leasing companies that need to take a clue to use digital solutions to bring in a more process-driven approach to ensure safety and reliability in its operation. These solutions will increase the capability & capacity of the organizations while bringing in more transparency, skilling of personnel, the establishment of processes thus making the organization a thriving responsible organization. There are limitations when personnel are managing the show with spreadsheets and using individual laptops/desktops to manage the data as one runs the risk of – having no error control, lack of checks & balances, lack of data security, collaboration challenges, inaccurate information, the scale of operation, data access & so on. An important aspect of a digital solution is the discipline it brings into the organization workforce and such a strategic decision will lead to better decision making, better data analytics, flexible & responsive customer support, efficient record storage & retrieval, efficient planning & execution, and many more. It’s a leadership choice to do Leapfrogging or take Tiger to leap to drive the digital value within the organization.

Nitin Deshpande

Vice-President Business Development & Customer Success