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Myway Airlines Engineering (CAMO) Department is using the FlyPal for years already for its airworthiness, planning, logistics management which provides really user friendly platform to do the work smoothly and having the full data accessible worldwide. Even during the travelling in the countries where certain restrictions exist on some webpages access, FlyPal is always available to log in without a problem. Also wanted to mention that with FlyPal we have passed national CAA's audit successfully and in the future hope to do the same with EASA audit.

Nikoloz Aleksishvili
(Engineering Manager)

The highly talented team of Bytzsoft ensured that Bird Execujet Airport Service(BEAS) went live on the system within 30 days as per the approved forms. BEAS is very satisfied with overall experience so far with Bytzsoft and it is a user friendly software.

Prakash Thakwani
(Manager Planning)

We are very happy with overall software performance and support which is provided by the BytzSoft team. FlyPal is must have software for all operators who want effective record keeping and statutory compliance.

Giorgi Nadibaidze
(Manager Engineering Department)

FlyPal®… for our stores Department (Inventory management) and Maintenance (Engg and Planning) Department to maintain around 60 aircrafts

Meenakshi Sundaram
(Quality Manager)

We are pleased with the functionality of FlyPal® and with the support which has been provided by BytzSoft Technologies. We are pleased to recommend FlyPal® to our colleagues in the Industry

Ray Adams
(ALG Group CFO)

Flypal is an online inventory for Engineering and Store which supports best way of follow up of records easy reporting and controlling all requirement of mention departments Kam Air is using FLYPAL since Sep-2010 and happy with this software, Thanks to Bytzsoft company for it is great designed software and wishing most improvement in future.

Mirwais Gulzad
(Assistant-Engineering Dept.)

Coming from a Nepalese operator it is immensely difficult to find a software that can actually meet our local authority requirements plus our own working standards. Flypal has been immensely helpful to us for achieving our goal. The team has helped us heavily customize the product to match our expectations. We are looking for a long and healthy relationship with Flypal.

Kushal Thapa
(Technical Support Engineer)

We have been using Aircraft Maintenance & Aircraft inventory since June 1999

Gp Capt U R Dabir

The software is very helpful to us specially for monitoring the maintenance activities of aircraft... inline with DGCA requirements. Great design and easy to use. We are pleased with the support and quick response of their team members. Highly recommend to our colleagues.

Monika Choudhary

NOVOAIR has been using FlyPal since February 2017 to maintain a fleet of 06 ATR 72-500 aircrafts. FlyPal has been a user-friendly Airworthiness Management ERP solution for us. Day to day monitoring and follow-up of maintenance tasks through the system has made our internal process more efficient. FlyPal customer support team have been most helpful with our requests of system customization.Although there are some minute areas where FlyPal system has scope of improvement, it is a cost effective and efficient solution for any small to medium Airline / MRO.

MD. Mijanur Rahman
(Assistant Manager, MRO Management)

We have received excellent after sales support from BytzSoft's support team whenever required in last 4 years and we highly recommend FlyPal(simple, cost effective & powerful tool) to all aircraft operators.

Carlos Murphy
(Director Engineering & Planning)

First of all, training was given to all employees, the technical support was always available whenever needed,system was with tremendous capabilities and most importantly user friendly.

Davit Mazmishvili
(Director of Safety & Security)

The Reports FlyPal® are in line with the DGCA

R Shankar
(GM Engineering)

FlyPal®….. Inventory management of Spares and maintenance activity management of in our Engineering & Planning department for all our Aircrafts

Shoubhik Basu
(Continunig Airworthiness Manager)

FlyPal®..very useful.. Even at the time of C of A renewal we use this software to produce most of the maintenance record required by DGCA

Neeraj Sharma
(Head Engineering)

FlyPal®….. to manage the diversified fleet of fixed and rotary wing airplanes of Religare Group.. help us achieve new standard in safety and reliabilities of our operations

R D Thakur
(Head Engineering)

We are using FlyPal for carrying out activities related to CAMO, Work Order, Quality & Store module. The company offers high quality services. We have always been satisfied by their service & support.

Yubraj Bista
(Chief IT)

FlyPal® has proved to be reliable and of immense help to Ave.com’s Maintenance , Planning and Stores Department

(Director of QA, Maintenance)

We have been using FlyPAl since October 2017 and we are very happy and satisfied with the system and we find it very proficient and friendly user comparing to all other systems I have used globally , FlyPal team offers excellent support 24/7 .

Laith Jarrah
(CEO/Technical Director)