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Engineering & Planning

Making Compliance a Habit

In a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO- based on civil aviation standards), the Engineering & Planning department focuses primarily on achieving airworthiness by complying the maintenance tasks as per the approved manuals.FlyPal cultivate a habit of compliance in all users by sending them email reminders and notifications well before the due date. Aircraft Serviceability and AOG (Aircraft on Ground) becomes the major KPI of this department, which in turn are directly responsible for Aircraft utilization.

CAMO software

FlyPal Engineering & Planning includes:

Maintenance program implementation and compliances(TBO, LLP, CPCP, Inspections etc. ))

Manage, Supervise, make amendments to your maintenance program easily

Analyse the effectiveness of your AMP with various reports, to carry out corrective actions.

Manage Task Cards, Service Bulletins (SB) / Airworthiness Directives (AD), MEL/Snag with few clicks

Planning W. Order: Liaise with inhouse/external Part145-maintenance organizations to carry out scheduled/non scheduled maintenance effectively

Reliability Monitoring: Aircraft fleet reliability is a function of an organizational culture that supports people working in a disciplined way to perform many different activities: preventive/ predictive/planned maintenance, scheduled maintenance on a routine and scheduled basis, monitoring trends to identify potential failure modes, extrapolating a forecast failure date and completing a maintenance, repair or overhaul before a failure occurs. A closer look at aircraft reliability provides a good example of a proactive culture in pursuit of continued and constant reliability.

LDND Status reports of FlyPal helps in planning the scheduled maintenance effectively.Tech Library for Manual and Subscription helps to achieve the documentation control within the CAMO.

Production Control – MRO

Making things Happen
Production Control

Production Control is an important function for Airlines with their own maintenance facilities as well as independent pure-play MRO’s.

There are number of opportunities exist within the Production Control business area to deliver cost savings. The real challenge is to identify the efficient business processes that can be used to gather data, analyze and measure the opportunities and finally to act upon them to improve the turn around time (TAT)

There is a continuous effort from Aviation MRO’s (Part 145 approved ) to improve their operational effectiveness and reduce costs in a bid to stay ahead of the competition.

The objectives of Production Planning are:

To ensure:

We have the correct Resources (Manpower) – Often the Production Planners have no control on the required Manpower and either the activity is over resourced (waste of funds) or under resourced – requiring overtime (waste of funds).

We have the correct Documentation – Incorrect Documentation often impacts the performance of maintenance and becomes a source of “LOST TIME”

We have correct Spares, Material and Tooling – Any interruptions in the availability of Spares, Material and Tooling can lead to unnecessary delays, much of this delay may be masked within the totality of the Maintenance check and the true source of the cost impact may not be assigned to the correct causal factor.

We have appropriate Facilities and Equipment – It goes without saying that service provider need the right facilities to perform the maintenance, however this also includes the availability of the ground equipment, support stands and docking etc. to facilitate access to the aircraft. Equipment which is not available when it is needed again leads to “LOST TIME”

How FlyPal helps:

FlyPal helps in better collaboration between business functions such as Maintenance Planning, Production Planning, Material Planning, Procurement, Quality Assurance & Human Resource to achieve definitive objectives of cost and man-hours saving.

FlyPal’s enhanced Work orders are one stop solution for addressing business needs such as maintenance scheduling, man power planning (based on skill set and experience), Hangar, material planning & ground equipment planning.

For pure play MRO’s FlyPal has the ability to create initial receiving inspection, Condition/Disposition, Work orders with procedure sheets, Form 1 generation and material return back to customer.

Calculation of estimated & actual manhours, tracking of consumables/spares utlized is very easy too.

Backtrack all work packages and activities done for the client, to analyze and generate future predictions.

Sales modules helps in quoting & customer invoicing based on actual man hours , consumables/spares and other costs associated.

Employee Trainings is one more important aspect MRO’s need to consider, FlyPal’s HR module tracks all employee training and give automated reminders on configured time periods.

Schedule & comply audits easily with few clicks. FlyPal’s Quality Assurance module helps in delivering quality services by keeping check on every stage of the production & service delivery.

Benefits & Value Proposition of FlyPal Production Control:
Improved financial planning & cost predictions.

Stronger compliance to regulatory, quality & safety norms.

Improved vendor & customer management.

Improved demand predictions, logistics, procurement and analysis.

Line Maintenance & Control

Making things meet

The maintenance control center (MCC) co-ordinate with various departments like operations, production and engineering so that maintenance, when needed, can be planned, coordinated and expedited to minimize delays and down time/AOG time.

FlyPal has options to monitor and track the MEL (Minimum Equipment List or Defered ), maintenance defects and routine maintenance activity like pre-flights checks etc. E-log books can be also maintained for all maintenance and defect corrections performed by the line maintenance staff with their license numbers.

Aircraft daily status and Aircraft information board are few tools in FlyPal, which help MCC to manage their routine task effectively.

Line maintenance

Inventory & Logistics Control

Making IT Simple

Inventory & logistics(Materials Requirement Planning) department of any Airlines, Aviation & Aerospace organization ensures all critical Aircraft spares are adequately stocked based on the aircraft maintenance schedules or ordered in advance, keeping in mind the lead-time. This is done to avoid any AOG (Aircraft on Ground ) on account of non-availability of spares.

FlyPal makes Aircraft Inventory & Logistic tasks simpler by tracking the Inward and Outward movements of Materials with few clicks unlike most computer based legacy systems, which are complex and painful for system users.

All standard Materials Requirement Planning options like Ordering, Material IN, Materlal OUT, Stock availability, Exchange, Repairs, Warranty, Sales, Exports can be easily managed Cost center, Customer Stock management, Asset tracking, Bar CodingAge analysis, Valuation of Stores, Alternate parts, Calibration control etc. add value to this module. Email reminders can be configured for workflow as well as for threshold breach levels like re-order level, min Stock, etc.

Two level authorization stage for approval of any material inward and outward process helps in achieving the purpose of a vigilant Aircraft inventory control system for Airlines, MRO, CAMO, AMO or M&E organization.

Aviation Quality Assurance

Making things Correct

Aviation Quality Audits in any aviation & aerospace organization is an ongoing process to ascertain all activities are performed in accordance to the guidelines provided by civil aviation authorities. This process is achieved by means of audits.

FlyPal has the ability to create and schedule an audit with required checklists for various departments, entities or processes of the aviation organization.

All findings concerning airline flight operation, ground operations, aircraft safety procedure, airworthiness, aircraft maintenance defefcts etc, are recorded and deadlines can be set for the compliances of each finding. Corrective action suggested by the auditor and action taken for compliance is also recorded for future references.

Email reminders for audits and closing date for findings can be configured so that all concern departments are notified.

Quality Control

Human Resources

Making things Move

Human resources are the most important drivers for aviation growth. They build, manage and scale the organization.

Every human resource in an organization is classified based on department and designation. FlyPal’s Human Resource module has wide range of functionalities to help manage HR processes efficiently. The major functionalities Include.

Skill Management:

Every employee hired on the basis of unique skill or abilities he/she possess. This Skill may have been acquired with education/training or real-life experience. FlyPal has unique skill management function which help employer in recording skill and categorizing employees based on it, so when required the team can be summoned for a task, through a task scheduling and auto intimation facility.

Every employee hired on the basis of unique skill or abilities he/she possess. This Skill may have been acquired with education/training or real-life experience. FlyPal has unique skill management function which help employer in recording skill and categorizing employees based on it, so when required the team can be summoned for a task, through a task scheduling and auto intimation facility.

Training & Certifications management:

Ever growing Aviation industry needs employees who are well trained on latest technics and advancement in technologies. Employee trainings play a vital role in keeping them in tune with latest industry standards. FlyPal gives an important facility to track important trainings for employees along with their certificates. FlyPal’s automatic alert system gives important reminders well before any training or certificates are due. In separate facility trainings can be scheduled for employee or group of employees and invitations can be sent. File sharing also possible with emails.

Performance & Disciplinary actions:

Aviation being high performance industry, every employee is judged based on his performance and the number of safety violations/disciplinary actions taken against him. FlyPal has a unique facility to track employee’s performance so history can be tracked and proper trainings can be imparted against violations done by employee.

Flying Crew:

Human resource in case of the flight ops departments extends to the Rostering process of flight crew and cabin crew to comply the FTL (Flight time limitation) and FDTL (Flight Duty time Limitation) as per various civil aviation regulations. Our Aviation Crew Management Module Takes care of this