Aviation Quality Assurance

Making things Correct
Aviation Quality Audits in any aviation & aerospace organization is an ongoing process to ascertain all activities are performed in accordance to the guidelines provided by civil aviation authorities. This process is achieved by means of audits.

FlyPal has the ability to create and schedule an audit with required checklists for various departments, entities or processes of the aviation organization.

All findings concerning airline flight operation, ground operations, aircraft safety procedure, airworthiness, aircraft maintenance defefcts etc, are recorded and deadlines can be set for the compliances of each finding. Corrective action suggested by the auditor and action taken for compliance is also recorded for future references.

Email reminders for audits and closing date for findings can be configured so that all concern departments are notified.

What people are saying..

"FlyPal®….. to manage the diversified fleet of fixed and rotary wing airplanes of Religare Group.. help us achieve new standard in safety and reliabilities of our operations"

- R D Thakur(Head Engineering), Religare


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