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Human resources are the most important drivers for aviation growth. They build, manage and scale the organization.

Every human resource in an organization is classified based on department and designation. FlyPal’s Human Resource module has wide range of functionalities to help manage HR processes efficiently. The major functionalities Include.

Skill Management:
Every employee hired on the basis of unique skill or abilities he/she possess. This Skill may have been acquired with education/training or real-life experience. FlyPal has unique skill management function which help employer in recording skill and categorizing employees based on it, so when required the team can be summoned for a task, through a task scheduling and auto intimation facility.

Training & Certifications management:
Ever growing Aviation industry needs employees who are well trained on latest technics and advancement in technologies. Employee trainings play a vital role in keeping them in tune with latest industry standards. FlyPal gives an important facility to track important trainings for employees along with their certificates. FlyPal’s automatic alert system gives important reminders well before any training or certificates are due. In separate facility trainings can be scheduled for employee or group of employees and invitations can be sent. File sharing also possible with emails.

Performance & Disciplinary actions:
Aviation being high performance industry, every employee is judged based on his performance and the number of safety violations/disciplinary actions taken against him. FlyPal has a unique facility to track employee’s performance so history can be tracked and proper trainings can be imparted against violations done by employee.

Flying Crew:
Human resource in case of the flight ops departments extends to the Rostering process of flight crew and cabin crew to comply the FTL (Flight time limitation) and FDTL (Flight Duty time Limitation) as per various civil aviation regulations. Our Aviation Crew Management Module Takes care of this

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