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Production Control is an important function for Airlines with their own maintenance facilities as well as independent pure-play MRO’s.

There are number of opportunities exist within the Production Control business area to deliver cost savings. The real challenge is to identify the efficient business processes that can be used to gather data, analyze and measure the opportunities and finally to act upon them to improve the turn around time (TAT)

There is a continuous effort from Aviation MRO’s (Part 145 approved ) to improve their operational effectiveness and reduce costs in a bid to stay ahead of the competition.

The objectives of Production Planning are
To ensure:
1) We have the correct Resources (Manpower) -
Often the Production Planners have no control on the required Manpower and either the activity is over resourced (waste of funds) or under resourced - requiring overtime (waste of funds).

2) We have the correct Documentation - Incorrect Documentation often impacts the performance of maintenance and becomes a source of “LOST TIME”

3) We have correct Spares, Material and Tooling -
Any interruptions in the availability of Spares, Material and Tooling can lead to unnecessary delays, much of this delay may be masked within the totality of the Maintenance check and the true source of the cost impact may not be assigned to the correct causal factor.

4) We have appropriate Facilities and Equipment -
It goes without saying that service provider need the right facilities to perform the maintenance, however this also includes the availability of the ground equipment, support stands and docking etc. to facilitate access to the aircraft. Equipment which is not available when it is needed again leads to “LOST TIME”
How FlyPal helps:
  FlyPal helps in better collaboration between business functions such as Maintenance Planning, Production Planning, Material Planning, Procurement, Quality Assurance & Human Resource to achieve definitive objectives of cost and man-hours saving.
  FlyPal’s enhanced Work orders are one stop solution for addressing business needs such as maintenance scheduling, man power planning (based on skill set and experience), Hangar, material planning & ground equipment planning.
  For pure play MRO’s FlyPal has the ability to create initial receiving inspection, Condition/Disposition, Work orders with procedure sheets, Form 1 generation and material return back to customer.
  Calculation of estimated & actual manhours, tracking of consumables/spares utlized is very easy too.
  Backtrack all work packages and activities done for the client, to analyze and generate future predictions.
  Sales modules helps in quoting & customer invoicing based on actual man hours , consumables/spares and other costs associated.
  Employee Trainings is one more important aspect MRO’s need to consider, FlyPal’s HR module tracks all employee training and give automated reminders on configured time periods.
  Schedule & comply audits easily with few clicks. FlyPal’s Quality Assurance module helps in delivering quality services by keeping check on every stage of the production & service delivery.
Benefits & Value Proposition of FlyPal Production Control:
  Improved financial planning & cost predictions.
  Stronger compliance to regulatory, quality & safety norms
  Improved vendor & customer management
  Improved demand predictions, logistics, procurement and analysis

What people are saying..

"Working on Flypal application is easy and interesting for an average user, but it can be more easier and better with making improvements in various areas and methods of data entry as well as for reports and summaries. As Flypal team is continuously working to improve it and solving user issues timely is a positive point for operators."

- Ravi Singh, Sr. Executive-CAMO, Ligare Aviation Limited


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