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FlyPal- Component MRO

Making things work ….

Pure play component MRO’s forms an essential part of the aviation eco-system. The primary objective of these component MRO’s is to deliver the highest quality of services to the airline with minimum TAT (Turn Around Time). Tracking of component history and changes made during its previous shop visits becomes a critical part of the daily process. With the growing number of aircrafts, the component MRO industry is also poised to grow exponentially. Technology plays a leading role in making these component MRO ready for doing more business with the same infrastructure and resources, thus making them more profitable.
FlyPal ‘s cloud enabled Aviation Component MRO software module is carefully designed using the best practices of the Aviation component MRO industry globally.

FlyPal can help in:
1) Improved Transparency between various departments (production /stores /accounts)
2) Reduced Operational Costs
3) Reduces TAT
4) Optimum utilization of resources

Component MRO module consist of the following stages

  • Project Planning (Components / Sub Components)
  • Work Order Generation (Inspection / Conditions / Dispositions)
  • Quotation to customers
  • Material Planning / Indenting
  • Work in Progress / Procedure sheets
  • Material Planning / Indenting
  • Delivery / Return Notes and
  • Invoicing
Compoent MRO