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The fundamentals of airlines operation hinges on current & historical technical records (data) management, to ensure regulatory compliance as well as maintain the Continuous Airworthiness Status of its fleet of aircrafts.

With rise in number of flights per day, the volume of technical data is growing as well as changing rapidly, thus maintaining the data quality is growing concern for all aviation organizations. This leads to a paradigm shift from spreadsheet based tracking to a comprehensive Aviation Management Software specialized in CAMO, Maintenance & Engineering, Inventory Management and Part 145(MRO).

While changing IT platforms used for tracking Aircraft Maintenance records, it’s really important to ensure if technical data (like Hard Time components, Inspection Schedules, Task Cards, SB + AD records, MPD) which is to be migrated is correct, to help migrate data without much hassles. Most Airlines and Aviation organizations have limited human resources to do this migration task and can take several days to go live. That’s Where BytzSoft’s Data Migration service come in handy.

BytzSoft has the tools and resources to make the Aircraft maintenance records migration task easier and error free. BytzSoft’s special data migration teams help clients (MRO ‘s, M&E, CAMO and Airlines ) in securing the appropriate data quality, which is then transformed and loaded onto new system.

 Additionally BytzSoft Technologies help the aircraft operator in validating and cleaning data beforehand, during & post migration.

Our vast experience with all types of Aircraft maintenance records and Aviation maintenance processes helps us deal with all aircraft technical data migration projects where we aim to reduce project effort, manpower, time and costs for all our customers.

Why Choose BytzSoft Technologies Aviation Data migration services:
  • Specialists in high volume aviation data migration.
  • Use of high performance automation tools and methods for validation, transformation and migrate with reduce risk of human error.
  • Facility of tracing repeatable transformation and load for reducing implementation time.
  • Robust reporting and document management
  • Dedicated front ending support team and account manager.