Aviation Workshop Maintenance

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released the IATA Airline Industry Forecast 2012-2017 showing that airlines expect to see a 31% increase in passenger numbers between 2012 and 2017. By 2017 total passenger numbers are expected to rise to 3.91 billion—an increase of 930 million passengers over the 2.98 billion carried in 2012. To accommodate these 31% more people, airlines would need 31% more aircrafts. The number of cargo and charter planes are increasing day by day as well.

If we go by these numbers, need for new MRO facilities as well as upgrade in existing MRO facilities will be required to match the growing demand.

Maintenance/ Repair/ Overhaul (MRO) organisations which have ongoing operations need to make themselves more efficient, cost effective and ready for competition.

Pure play Component MRO (Repairing /Servicing components for third party customer) as well as Aircraft operator with its own component maintenance workshop face key challenges in effective utilization of resources, administering man hours, availability of right tools and reporting these to the accounting system for invoicing.

To overcome these Challenges it becomes mandatory for all M&E and MRO to have Software Solution which logs all its operations, intelligently predicts necessary actions to be taken, allows data to flow between different sub-systems and generate decision making reports.

At BytzSoft, we are focused on building applications for Aviation and Aerospace verticals that are aimed at achieving new standards of quality & safety. BytzSoft’s Flagship product “FlyPal” is a comprehensive software tool useful for Aviation maintenance records, Quality Assurance, Material management, Component Workshop, Tool Calibration, Tech Library and Human Resources etc.


FlyPal’s workshop maintenance module is designed & developed in coordination with Aviation industry experts and can handle workload of all types of M&E and MRO operations. With prolonged experience FlyPal® is able to address major concerns of MRO which includes ensuring on-time delivery of service components, human resource planning, tools planning and project time estimations.

Engineering, Planning and Production personnel can access and analyze historical maintenance data to strategize and execute assigned tasks. FlyPal allows users to raise requisition / Indents for required spares and also tracks man hours of work done. Work orders (Routine and Non Routine) for Aircrafts and Component Work Package (CWP) can be generated with just few clicks along with task cards and procedure sheets respectively.

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