FlyPal QMS

Achieve excellence in quality and safety with FlyPal QMS, your digital companion for internal evaluation and quality audit. Built to ensure regulatory compliance and continual improvement, it streamlines your audit processes and supports effective corrective and preventive action strategies.

FlyPal QMS

FlyPal QMS is an application required for all aviation organization and is built in such way that it can assist you in setting the audit plan at the start of the year, schedule the audit as per plan, perform the audit, find out non-conformance and carry out compliances to improve the system.

This application assists you in building the audit check list, notify the auditee for impending schedules, attach the evidences and perform the CAPA(Corrective Action and Preventive Action). The application is cloud hosted and can be performed online in a true sense of going paperless. The reports and alerts in the application aids organization to continually improve the system.

This application will assist you in categorizing audits under the various heads such as Quality Audit, Safety Audit or Environmental Audit.

QMS Modules

Key Highlights

Customizable Workflows

Tailor process flows to your operation's needs.

Document Control

Manage vital documents with ease and precision.

Real Time Reporting

Assist in continually improving the quality system with closed feedback loop system. 

Audit Management

Streamline internal and external audit processes.

Risk Management

Mitigate potential threats with proactive measures.

Compliance Tracking

Stay up-to-date with industry regulatory standards.)

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