FlyPal SMS Neo

Enhance your safety management practices with FlyPal SMS-neo. A cloud-based solution designed to proactively mitigate safety risks, foster a safety culture, and enable data-driven decision-making in aviation. Suitable for organisations of any size, it’s your partner in accurate safety compliance.

FlyPal SMS Neo

FlyPal SMS Neo is a cloud-based application suitable for any size of the organization. It’s dispelling the myth that; online application is for large organization.
What does is it do for you?

  • Assist in strengthening the safety culture.
  • Documented, processed based approach to assure safety.
  • Safety data driven decision making.
  • Proactively detecting hazard & carry out risk mitigation for breaking the chain of safety events.
  • Communicate the safety promotion.
  • Cost avoidance.

SMS Neo Modules

Key Highlights

Risk Identification

Proactively identify and assess operational risks.

Hazard Reporting:

Streamline the reporting process with an intuitive interface.

Data Analytics

Utilize data-driven insights for safety improvements.

Incident Investigation

Efficient tools for comprehensive incident analysis.

Safety Assurance

Maintain high safety standards throughout operations.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with international safety regulations.

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