BytzSoft-NG Aviation

BytzSoft Technologies, has recently joined hands with NG Aviation Partners USA, marking a significant partnership aimed at enhancing support for their international clientele in the areas of system implementation, process improvement, and development. Additionally, this collaboration will introduce supplementary services to assist clients during pre-purchase asset inspections, record digitization, and more.

Yusuf Saifee, the CEO of BytzSoft Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, “We are excited to announce our partnership with NG Aviation Partners, which underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional aviation solutions and comprehensive support. Together, we anticipate reaching new levels of excellence within the industry.”

NG Aviation Partners is equally excited about forging a strong partnership with BytzSoft, recognizing that the combined strengths of both companies will undoubtedly lead to success for end customers, including MROs, airlines, charter operators, and beyond. This collaboration is expected to expedite software deployment for customers, thereby enhancing the overall value of their investments.

Nitin Deshpande, VP of Business Development & Customer Success at BytzSoft Technologies, shared his optimism about this partnership, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in today’s business landscape. He stated, “Our strategy revolves around ensuring customer success, and this partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to foster growth together with our customers. We firmly believe that all our applications are designed to uphold stringent regulatory compliance standards, thereby enhancing safety and reliability in aviation operations.”

About NG:

NG Aviation Partners boasts 30+ years of aviation industry expertise, aiding operators and lessors worldwide. NG’s focus lies in delivering tailored technological solutions, simplifying complex legal and safety aspects of aviation, and maintaining airworthiness efficiently.

Recognizing the significance of daily airworthiness control systems, NG Aviation Partners  prioritize long-term customer-provider relationships, guiding organizations through system implementation challenges.