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It’s ironical that Airline Crew are one of the most important assets as well as the biggest expenditure for Airline operations.
Cockpit & cabin crew are an important driver of airline profitability and generally account for 60% of total headcount. Crew related budgets are second only to fuel costs, typically 15% – 20% of an airline’s finances. With such a huge sum being expended on crew, even small enhancements can result in significant savings.

Aviation Crew Management has always been a challenge for operators whether it’s an equipment training, qualification, and experience versus the frequent flight planning exercises. Due to increasing competitive pressures in aviation, many companies use their flight crews more intensively. To ensure that this does not result in pilot fatigue and a risk to passengers, strong Aviation Crew Management Rules(Legality checks ) provided by Civil Aviation Authorities must be followed.

New Age solutions today offer a comprehensive work flow which can be used efficiently to effectively undertake the task of Airline Crew Management & Duty Time Limitations. FlyPal – CRS(Aviation Crew Management) is one such software tool available on Web and App(iOS/Android) platform , which helps the Operations & Crew scheduling department in Crew records, Flight tracking and comply to legality checks. With configurable email alerts, push notifications and browser notifications FlyPal-CRS makes sure you adhere to best practices for safe and reliable operations.

Important standards (Airline Crew Legality Checks) that FlyPal-CRS, cater to:

  • Crew Training’s & Documents
  • Flight Duty Period
  • Rest Requirements
  • Augmented Operations
  • Extensions of Flight Duty Period
  • Split Duty
  • Consecutive Night Operations/ WOCL
  • Cumulative Limits

FlyPal Crew Management Software Features :

  • Friendly User interface
  • Excel import / export facility
  • Training and Document attachments
  • Configurable Flight / Duty Time rules
  • Crew Portal
  • Violation Reports
  • Flight /Crew tracking Dashboards
  • Mobile Push & Email Alerts

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