MEL / Deferred Components Management with FlyPal

Minimum equipment list, or MEL, is a categorized list of on-board systems, instruments and equipment that may be inoperative for flight. Specific procedures or conditions may be associated with operation of the relevant item. It is considered by default that any equipment or system related to airworthiness which is not included in the MEL is required to be operative. The MEL is defined for each aircraft based on MMEL provided by Aircraft Manufacturer.

FlyPal ( Aviation Maintenance Software ) offers comprehensive work flow to manage MEL’s. This includes below stages

  • Master – MEL / Deferred List– While implementation our team imports Aircrafts Master MEL in FlyPal. This saves our users lot of time, as this list is always available for them to select from drop-down list whenever necessary.
  • Reporting MEL in Tech Logs – FlyPal gives simple one screen MEL/Snag reporting facility
  • Tracking Reported MEL’s & Reports – Preliminary Defect Report & Due Reports can be printed in this stage for the use of administrative and compliance purpose.
  • Compliance & Rectification – Once the MEL is rectified compliance can be done by following a simple procedure.

Release of Aircraft Under MEL – FlyPal provides the facility to print an Aircraft Release Note under MEL

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