Olympic Model of Safety

Aviation safety is a shared responsibility as one can see in this Safety Olympic Model where there is a participation, collaboration & competition to improve on safety record among the stake holders.

Every month with millions of flight hours being logged across the world, there are bound to be an occurrences but everyone as given in the model has to play a positive role to ensure safety. ICAO member countries needs to follow the guidelines to ensure that they promote safety among the players within the country and ICAO does conduct the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP) which covers 8 critical elements. This audit of member state decides the safety ranking for the country. For instance, India has significantly improved its safety ranking from 112 to 55 this year.

The member state also has responsibility to promote and implement the SMS among the various stake holders such as Operators, Aircraft Manufacturers, Suppliers and Service providers. The safety records of each stake holder contributes to the improving the overall safety record of the member state. The responsibility lies with member state to evolve a system of occurrence investigation and implement the recommendations to avoid such recurrence. Thus state encourages the players to implement the SMS in a phased manner. Each member state provides the policies and guidelines to plan & implement the SMS, it’s up to each organization to decide the pace at which it wish to implement the plan. Increasingly organization wherein its Accountable executive are serious, are now switching on to software applications to develop healthy safety culture within the organization.

These software applications are in position build the safety data base, key safety indicators, set the goals/ objective, promote safety, increase awareness about own organization policies, perform safety risk mitigations & much more. In fact the software solutions improve the process transparency and discipline within the organization.

How to we set the Safety Performance Targets ? You can’t set the target without knowing where you stand and these applications with ability to monitor the trends provides valuable assistance to set the targets once data is collated and analyzed.

The companies which adopt to the applications are seen to be performing better in terms of improving the safety culture and everyone within the organization adopts the safe practices to reduce the risk.

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