Rotable Asset Tracking using FlyPal

Rotable inventory is defined as an inventory that can be economically restored to a serviceable condition and, in the normal course of operations, can be repeatedly rehabilitated to a fully serviceable condition over a period approximating the life of the flight equipment to which it is related. Of course, there are scrap rates as with all inventory, however, with Rotable inventory the scrap rate is assumed to be very low, perhaps only a few percentage points or even a fraction of a point

How FlyPal Manages it?

  • Rotables can be sent out for overhaul using the Repair Order function to an external 3rd party or internally to a workshop with an appropriate Technical Direction (TD).
  • FlyPal keeps a check of all pending Rotables which is out for repairs and generates email reminders at pre-defined intervals.
  • Once the Overhauled component is received back, the history cards are automatically updated, and new serviceable tags are generated.
  • FlyPal also manages Exchange / Warranty Tracking of Rotables and keeps a track of core unit which has to be returned. Both options are possible either sending the faulty component first and get a replacement or receive the replacement first in lieu of the faulty component and then dispatch the defective component to the vendor.

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