This is the amazing ‘brains’ behind Buddha Air

all details make big differences; this cannot be truer when it comes to checking up on an airplane. Every inch of the craft needs the staffs’ full attention. As such, aircraft inspections need to be very precise.

A single inspection requires each member of the inspecting team to record all issues from top to bottom. Multiply this by Buddha Air’s eight aircrafts and continuous inspections that are scheduled on a regular. This adds up to hundreds of pieces of information being recorded each day.

But is it even humanly possible to keep so many records? Think of all the flight schedules, inventory and let us not forget the regular inspections to keep air worthiness in check. 

To keep things running smoothly, Buddha Air upgraded their systems to FlyPal six years ago, a server/cloud based software that helps every aspect of the company’s numerous data entries. Think of it like the brains behind Buddha Air. One that is responsible for not only providing solutions on the fly but anticipating and planning for them as well.

“When we first bought FlyPal six years ago, we had to optimize it to Buddha Air’s standards”, says Kushal Thapa, Technical Service Engineer for Technical Support Division of Buddha Air. “It wasn’t an easy task but we have gotten used to the software now.” he adds. The software, FlyPal, was originally developed in Pune, India and was modified to meet Nepal’s flight regulations and standards.

Basically, FlyPal helps in conducting regular checkup of Buddha Air’s eight aircrafts and makes inventory maintenance easier and well managed. Since it is a server-based software, it is accessible to the staff by via internet. “Thirty to thirty-five of our staffs have access to the software. They can easily enter their part of the data individually. The tasks are grouped into different categories for easier access.” says Thapa.

Whether the schedule is in hours, cycles or days, each staff receives a reminder before the next checkup. The staff needs to work around the clock to make sure all required procedures are carried out on time. For this, the software keeps things in check by acting like a calendar with timely notifications. Whether the inspection is a month away or as close as 5 days, the staff is notified nevertheless. Think of it like a corporate organization where everybody comes to the meeting on time, every time!

Inventories are another aspect of the aircraft hangar that require constant attention. There is always a need for replacing old aircraft parts with new and upgraded ones. With numerous items in stock; FlyPal helps make sure everything is in order. The software keeps a record of the inventory and checks whether Buddha Air is has optimum supplies in stock, it also forecasts upcoming inspections and checkups, and makes sure that the items needed are always in stock.

The machine is a self-learning entity and to aid that, each checkup is recorded in the software for future reference and access. Each team member, therefore, have their work cut out for them.

Buddha Air’s legendary precision comes from their attention to detail. It is a combination of man and machine working in harmony. Like any good business, technology has made it efficient for Buddha Air to achieve the highest standards that is head and shoulders above other operators in the domestic aviation industry. In a world advancing to great heights with the aid of technology, the sky is the limit, literally!

Source: Author: Anutara Shakya

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