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Aviation Audits ( Internal and external) are undertaken to ensure airlines follow certain standard as prescribed by the civil aviation authorities. In an aviation audit, the auditor(s) checks routine processes in an airline from the Quality Assurance point of view for safe and reliable operations. Audits are further broken down into small tasks/checklist. An Audit task may have finding(s) which means there is a possible problem or a gap which needs to be rectified based on its severity. Audit also helps to document the preventive actions thus ensures these gaps / issues don’t arise again.

FlyPal Quality Assurance module can be used to Plan & Manage Internal as well as external audit for airlines. Audits tasks are identified by a unique code and are grouped together. All concern members can be informed about the audit by emails.

While complying, each task of the audit can be marked as satisfactory or un-satisfactory and the respective findings can be recorded against it.

Each finding has a detailed description of the problem, its root cause and timeline to comply. Once the finding has been corrected , the corrective action, preventive action and its evidence can also be recorded

Thus FlyPal’s Audit module helps QM’s of airlines & aircraft operators to have a better control over day to day operations and anywhere, anytime access to all the critical data related to past and on-going audits.

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