Flight Crew Challenges

In today’s world, the need for air travel industry is growing rapidly, but airlines across the world are having tough times to maintain consistent & profitable operations. Some of the airlines are facing issues with the kind of aircrafts they use, while others are having challenges with respect to the inadequate supply of well-trained staff to run the routine operations. This results in frequently delays or even flight cancellation which directly impacts the revenues.

Due to Flight Crew shortage, many times the crew utilization reaches a peak level without sufficient thought on human factor considerations. High Fatigue levels in cabin and cockpit crew can lead them to a state, where their decision-making abilities are compromised posing a high risk.

Flight crew trainings demands can be forecasted well in advance and sufficient standby crew can be planned to ensure all the schedule flights take off on time. Mandatory documentation of flight crew which needs to be valid for them to be legal to resume any flight duty needs important consideration and lead time for renewal. Not planning renewals with adequate time in hand can also lead to crew shortage due incomplete documentation formalities.

Overall Flight Crew experience can be greatly enhanced by means of adequate software tool which can help the crew schedulers to plan well ahead of time and take necessary action to ensure adequate staff as well as adequate rest is planned. FlyPal CRS is one such Aviation crew management software tool which gives the crew scheduler a complete overview what is required. To know more visit: Flypal Crew Rostering

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