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Aircraft maintenance is a key department for any Airline or Aviation Operator, research has proved that aircraft maintenance nearly constitutes to 30% of a total aircraft operating cost. Air traffic continues to grow exponentially operating costs are also increasing with fuel, labour and maintenance costs. It has become mandatory for organizations to control their aircraft maintenance costs so operating margins remain competitive.

To be in the aviation industry with a good reputation and at the same time achieve an organic growth is the major goal for any Airline or Aviation Operator. With advent of technology and qualified human resources this goal can be achieved in less time.

We at BytzSoft Technologies, with our comprehensive aviation system FlyPal, have already taken formidable steps in this direction. BytzSoft has been a torch bearer in the aviation industry, working hard from last 18 years, providing best-of-the-breed software solutions.

With our experience we carefully crafted and developed a product with an array of features that include almost everything an aviation maintenance organization needs today; big or small. We cover all, right from handling the bare essentials such as aircraft maintenance, SCM, Quality Assurance, Human resources and Store with our flagship product called FlyPal which is amongst the top 5 contenders in the CAMOM&E and MRO software globally. Be it a flexibility or customer centric approach, FlyPal is an obvious choice for aviation organizations around the world of any scale; that wants value for money.

FlyPal offering includes Inventory Control, Engineering & Planning, Production, Maintenance, Quality Assurance, etc. with a very simple workflow, which is user-friendly and can be implemented very quickly with minimum resources.

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Along with Aircraft Maintenance Software BytzSoft all serves in Aviation Crew Management, Duty Time Limits for Pilots and Safety Management

Aviation Maintenance and planning:-

Aviation Maintenance Execution is getting more capital oriented because of the availability of modern execution facilities, specialized equipment and skilled manpower. Even some of the aviation agencies are outsourcing their maintenance operations to another organization. This means aviation maintenance section has grown to such a level that it can be considered as a separate business section. So handling and managing such a business is also a big task. Nowadays, there is a requirement of software solution for the aviation industry, which will be a way through which simplification of maintenance operation will be handled. Flypal offers perfect aviation maintenance and aviation planning solution with advance tech record, CAMO and inventory management capabilities.

Aviation Inventory:-

‎Aviation Inventory is collection of ‪ ‎Spare Parts which are broadly classified as ‪ ‎Ratable, ‪ ‎Consumables and Tools. Some Spares may have ‪ ‎Shelf life or ‪ ‎Expiry Date (E.g. ‪ ‎Rubber Packing), Some may need ‪ ‎Calibration after fix interval or after certain number of uses (e.g. ‪ ‎Torque Wrench) and some may need ‪‎Bench Check after fix hours or calendar days (e.g. ‪ ‎Fuel Pump).‪ ‎FlyPal ’s ‪ ‎Inventory Management module is as must have tool for all ‪ ‎Airlines , ‪ ‎MRO ’s and ‪ ‎General Aviation operators for effective document management , in-out movements and cost control for all kinds of aviation spares.

Crew Rostering Systems

Over the last few years, ‪fatigue among ‪‎pilots and cabin crew has become a genuine concern in the ‪ ‎aviation world. Despite scientific studies showing that fatigue could jeopardize the ‪ ‎safety of ‪ ‎air operations, data about the prevalence of fatigue across world is scarce. ‪‎Civil Aviation Authorities across the world strongly advocates for safe science-based rules to maintain higher ‪ ‎FTL ‪ ‎safety standards for the ‪ ‎Airlines. ‪ ‎FlyPal CRS is a tool which allows all ‪ ‎cockpit crew and ‪ ‎cabin crew to manage their work timing as per the FTL Standards so that safety is never compromised.

Safety Management Systems

‎Safety Management Systems (SMSs) are the product of a continuing evolution in ‪ ‎aviation safety. Early aviation pioneers had little ‪ ‎Safety Regulation, practical experience, or engineering knowledge to guide them. Over time, careful regulation of ‪ ‎aviation activities, operational experience, and improvements in technology have contributed to significant gains in safety. Technology and system improvements have also made great contributions to safety. However, part of being safe is about attitudes and paying attention to what your surroundings are telling you. Whether through data or through the input of employees and others, recognizing that many opportunities exist to stop an‪ ‎accident is the first step in moving from reactive to predictive thinking.

So come and join our hands with other aviation industry players who are already taking these services from our end and be among those who had already synchronized and reduced all the issues which they were facing earlier.

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