Helicopter Operators trust FlyPal to manage Airworthiness

Airworthiness Management remains same for all kinds of aircraft but some peculiarities do differentiate commercial aircraft to general aviation aircraft. Bytzsoft Technologies is one of the leading aviation software solution company in world today and we understand these peculiarities in detail to ensure that our software solution meets the need of end customer. Helicopter operation is most versatile and demanding tasks need to be executed with precision to ensure highest level of safety. Does software play any role in safety ? Off course yes as we know how to keep the track of each cycle count when helicopter does rapid take off/landings or lifts the load in infrastructure activity. No wonder increasing number of helicopter operators are trusting FLYPAL-CAMO solutions precisely to remain compliant with OEM requirement. Last month an international client subscribed to FlyPal-CAMO solution for its Bell230 and this week one more Indian client subscribed FlyPal-CAMO application to manage its Sikorsky S76 helicopter.

Today we support clients operating

  • Bell 206, 230, 407, 412, 429 & 430
  • Airbus 125, 130, 135, 145 & 365
  • Leonardo 109, 139 & 169
  • Sikorsky S76C & S76D.

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