Managing the Business Jet

Business jet operation is typically managed by in-house corporate flight department or an aircraft management company. Irrespective of who manages the show, the responsibility is to ensure that every time the aircraft takes it to sky its airworthy and is in compliant with regulations. Secondly, business jet owners have brought the aircraft as a business tool and thus its availability must be forecasted well in advance to plan for the “bosses” trip. Thirdly, every CFO would like to approve the expenses well within the budget.

How does one ensure all the above achieved while making sure safety is not compromised?

Bytzsoft Technologies is passionate about aviation and has been supporting the owner/operators with its well-known brand “FLYPAL” to meet all its goals. This cloud-based application provides the cutting-edge tool to the corporate flight department or asset management company to track the airworthiness as per the regulatory approved program, forecast the maintenance event well in advance, plan the maintenance activity & execute it with MRO and keep a tab on expenses too.

The FlyPal-Premium support plus program supporting business jet owner/operator is an extension of an application with service support with an experienced technical analyst. We assure you of aircraft data integrity, transparency, and accuracy that is maintained to highest standards.

If you are looking for simply an application to manage the show yourself or requires our support and operates Gulfstream, Bombardier, Textron, Embraer, or Dassault business jet then TRUST us.

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