Importance of Storage Maintenance for Aircrafts

Over the last few weeks, we all have been swamped with what is happening all around the world on COVID-19. At such unprecedented times, few airlines are providing crucial supplies, while other airlines have parked & stored their aircrafts due of air travel restrictions all over the world.

Even with no flying , Maintenance departments of airlines are quite busy conducting storage procedures. Storage of aircraft for longer duration can deteriorate aircraft’s component and can compromise on reliability. All aircraft / engine manufacturers provide storage maintenance guidelines and maintenance manuals to ensure aircrafts are kept airworthy (Fit to Fly) .These guidelines also helps airlines minimize loss and downtime. 

Storage procedures for aircraft exteriors involves in covering all sensitive data probes – like pitot, static, temperature , etc. Engine / APU intakes as well as exhausts are also required to be secured and covered. Even routine functional maintenance of 7 / 15 / 30-day periodicity are performed and documented for any findings or irregularities.

FlyPal is an one such cloud hosted software solution which helps Airlines, aircraft operators, and CAMO organization to maintain and track all the maintain activities to be carried out on the aircraft. Aircraft technical records can be accessed by the engineers & maintenance technicians anytime without any geographical boundaries. FlyPal’s prognostic reports and analysis makes it an obvious choice for aviation organization of any scale and size that wants value for money. To know more visit: FlyPal CAMO Engineering

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